Checking If Your Email Address Has Been Breached with Firefox Monitor


Just noticed that Mozilla has released a new service called Firefox Monitor. It’s a data breach monitor that checks if your email address is part of any online data breach. Even better, it also monitors your email addresses if you have an account with them so you can get alerted automatically when a breach has been published.

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Firefox Monitor

Since I have a Firefox account, I see a breach summary for my monitored email address in the Firefox Dashboard. That includes how many email addresses have been monitored, how many breaches I have suffered and how many passwords I should never use. You can keep scrolling down for more details about each breach that affects your email address.

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Moreover, I also get a well-formatted email alert sent to me should any of my monitored email addresses get found in any newly discovered data breaches.

I can also add more email addresses to my account to get monitored for future alerts as well. Simply go to the account avatar and click Preferences. And put in the new email address at bottom of the age and click Send Verification Link button.

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Once verified, it will be added to the monitor list automatically. Firefox Monitor will also send an email alert if the email address is part of any existing data breaches.

Overall, Firefox Monitor is another great addition to the current list of data breach monitors. Though HIBP still remains the best of data breach monitor on the market with additional features like API, password check as well as domain monitoring, etc.

/Update on June 11, 2019/

Turns out, Mozilla has picked up the brain of HIBP and integrated its service into Firefox Monitor.

Mozilla and Firefox Monitor

Last November, there was much press about Mozilla integrating HIBP into Firefox. I was a bit surprised at the time as it was nothing more than their Breach Alerts feature which simply highlighted if the site being visited had previously been in a data breach (it draws this from the freely accessible breach API on HIBP). But the press picked up on some signals which indicated that in the long term, we had bigger plans than that and the whole thing got a heap of very positive attention. I ended up fielding a heap of media calls just on that one little feature – people loved the idea of HIBP in Firefox, even in a very simple form. As it turns out, we had much bigger plans and that’s what I’m sharing here today.

This is major because Firefox has an install base of hundreds of millions of people which significantly expands the audience that can be reached once this feature rolls out to the mainstream. You can read Mozilla’s announcement of the new feature and how they plan to conduct the testing and rollout.

via Troy Hunt


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