About Us

Welcome to Next of Windows, a place where we talk and cover most of the stuff that are Microsoft related. Inspired by the release of wonderful Windows 7, we started off as Windows7hacker in 2009 but rebranded as Next of Windows on Feb 14, 2013 so we can extend the coverage to talk about more exciting stuff other than Windows 7.

Who Are We?

The site was created by Kent Chen, a computer veteran who has been on the field for many years, and Jonathan Hu, a web/mobile app developer as well as a cool geek.

What’s Our Mission?

We truly believe the big 7 will be the next big thing in personal computer industry, and because of that, we want to share what we know, what we learn, and what we find with all of you and hope you can learn one or two pieces of information from here, and benefit from it. We will be very pleased if we can archive this goal in some way at some degree.

If You Are An Advertiser

And are interested in advertising here on NextofWindows, we do have a few options for you. Please check our advertise page for more detail information. That’s about us and this site. Enjoy your time staying!!